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Online journalists can learn from Walter Cronkite | Larry Magid at Large – CNET News

This is a very good story by long time print and online journalist, Larry Magid.  The point that Magid makes is that while today we tend to work and report in real time, often times Walter Cronkite did likewise.  

The Kennedy assassination, the Apollo moon landing, and Lyndon Johnson’s passing – were all reported in real time and on the fly.  The video above illustrates Cronkite reporting in real time and making it up on the fly as he was on the air.

As Magid points out: “… we still have the responsibility to base what we say on facts.”

Read and re-read the article.  We should all aspire to have the qualities that Cronkite had, and be aware that each of us who write, blog, and give our opinions, have our own mini-CBS at the tip of our fingers.

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