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OMG. Heaven Forbid. We actually used a traditional wire service, with a traditional press release and got a major application story from it.

While I’m all over the Social Media thing, I often chuckle when I hear newbies and supposed “new media” experts talk about the supposed fact that the press release is dead and that wire services – especially the ones you have to pay for are toast.


Well, as a very old school, very traditional, and very staid PR person, who also is big time into social media, I think now, more than ever, traditional press releases matter and that wire services like BusinessWire are worth the expense – or rather – the investment.

Case in point, with client – DenimGroup. Last week we issued this press release about an application story for a wonderful special needs park known as Morgan’s Wonderland.

Because there was an RFID component and my client did the integration of the project, we were successful in getting a great story told in RFID Journal.

The release in itself did not carry the story. It lead to the opportunity. A journalist with the publication contacted me. I set up interviews with the nice folks from Morgan’s and of course, my client. The writer did a terrific job.

Not only that, I am hoping that others in the RFID industry will see the innovation that my client offers, and that new business comes their way.

Long live the press release. Viva wire services (paid ones I might add) like BusinessWire.


Photo by Alan Weinkrantz (c) 2010


  1. Of course we love stories like this. Thanks for sharing, Alan. Viva the press release! 😉

  2. I can’t say that traditional news releases sent by expensive news wire services NEVER matter, but I think they are slowly becoming obsolete. No personal touch, you don’t get to see the list it’s going to (so no follow up), no social media aspect, and did I mention you basically get fleeced for every button you push. Not my idea of a good time.

  3. No personal touch – you’re right. The realities are that it is almost impossible to have personal touch due to the volume of pitches story ideas journalists receive. In this case, the journalist found us. That’s the point of this post. It’s not just shoving your story out the door; it’s also about being found.

  4. Alan, you can accomplish the same results (for an entire year) by creating content and publishing using a blog or social media newsroom — for about 1/20 of the cost of one news wire release. Plus you get to reach out and build those relationships yourself. Waiting for someone to happen upon your wire info is not a good strategy…. unless you have money to burn.


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