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OMG! A Really Cool Boutique Guitar Store Opens in San Antonio

Whenever I travel the USA, I try to stop in at some of the very wonderful guitar stores that dot the land. 

No, I not talking about The Guitar Center or Sam Ash (although The Guitar Center / Hollywood’s Vintage Store is pretty amazing). 

I talking about an institution like Norman’s Rare Guitars, just outside of LA, where you can sit down with Norman, get his advise, or maybe just hang out long enough to meet someone famous.

Well now, a really amazing store is getting ready to officially open in San Antonio, Redbone Guitar Boutique.

The guy behind it, is Richard Turner, who, although I have never met, has had a regular radio show on KSYM focused on only Beatles music on Sunday mornings. 

I’ve been listening to Richard’s show for eons of years, and now he’s taken our fair city one major step up the food chain in terms of quality and interesting gear, in a retail environment that’s more Bang & Olefsun or Apple.

I’m gonna wait a bit to write a more in-depth piece, because they’re not officially open for business yet, although I did buy something today:  a Vox headphone amp that lets me practice quietly so I don’t drive others in the house nuts. 

And best of all, this thing really sounds like an AC30.

Congratulations to Richard and his crew, whose names totally slip my mind. 

I was having a temporary state of insanity when I walked out the door, and I certainly hope to start become a regular patron in the years to come.

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