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Oh The Characters You’ll Meet at the #140Conf LA: Updated List of Speakers

On Monday and Tuesday, a cast of Characters will convene at the Music Box in Los Angeles to deliver the heart and soul of the real time Internet. 

You will not find a wider variety and more thought provoking gathering of interesting speakers who come from various walks of life.  Come join us by registering here.



Aaron Ray (@redbaron1200s) – Partner & Head of Digital, The Collective
Adam Bell (@datatv) – Web Design and Branding with an attitude!
Adam Rifkin (@AdamRifkin) – Writer / Director, LOOK
Adam Zbar (@Tap11) – CEO, Tap11
Ali Cobrin (@AliCobrin) – Actress
Alison Kramer (@nummiesbras) – Owner of Nummies Nursing Bras
Andrew Lih (@fuzheado) – Author of The Wikipedia Revolution; journalism prof, dir of new media at USC Annenberg; China tech commentator; tech reviews for NBC Los Angeles
Andy Grammer (@andygrammer) – Music Artist
Angela Shelton (@angelashelton) – Performer Writer Storyteller Filmmaker Teacher Artist
Aparna Vashisht-Rota (@ApsatParentella)
Barry Schuler (@BSchuler) – former CEO of AOL, Ex Producer of LOOK
Bob Watson (@TopBrokerOC) – Real Estate Agent, founder – #smmoc
Brad Wyman (@bradwyman) – Producer, LOOK
Brittany Laughlin (@bLocks8) – Co-Founder, Gtrot
Bruce Sallan (@BruceSallan) – I’m a former showbiz guy who writes a dad’s column, A Dad’s Point-of-View and hosts a radio show on KZSB AM1290.
Carlos R Hernandez (@CarlosHernandez) – Social media educator & co-creator of Social Media for the Uncomfortable
Carmen Elena Mitchell (@therealgirls) – Creator, “The Real Girls Guide to Everything Else” Web Series
Cathy Brooks (@CathyBrooks) – Strategic Communications Coach
Cathy Dahn (@GastronomyBlog) – Food Blogger
Cathy DeBuono (@cathydebuono) – Actress, Producer, Psychotherapist
Chamillionaire (@chamillionaire) – Artist
Christopher Boucher (@princeboucher)
Ciaran Blumenfeld (@momfluential) – Owner Francie Pants & Producer Momfluential Media
Clinton Schaff (@clintschaff) – New Media Director at Roll International (; USC Online Communities Industry Faculty
Colton Haynes (@ColtonLHaynes) – Actor (LOOK and THE GATES)
Cynthia Lou (@CynthiaAnnLou) – Designer, Writer, Web & Brand Strategist
David Wild (@Wildaboutmusic) – TV Writer, Rolling Stone Contributing Editor, Huff Po Blogger, author `He Is . . . I Say’
Debra Eckerling (@WriteOnOnline) – Bringing Community to Writers around the World
Dennis Carpenter (@About55) – Founder & CEO, About55
Donna DeDario (@StarlightOnline) – Director of Corporate Partnerships & Communications, Starlight Children’s Foundation
Dr. Greenstein (@DRG) – Chief Brainiac at and Neuroleader/CEO of The GGI
Eric “CandyMan” Nash (@onelovecandyman) – Street Performer: Artist, Dancer, Actor
Eric Weaver (@Weave) – Account Director/Strategist, Tribal DDB
Erik Oberholtzer (@TenderGreens) – Chefs at Tender Greens, garden to table, sustainable cuisine
Evan Seinfeld (@EvanSeinfeldXXX) – ead Singer/Bassist for Biohazard, CEO RockStarPornStar
Fran Marchello (@franalations) – Shoe Connoisseur, Vlogger, Blogger, Part Owner of dTb
Gary Wolf (@agaricus) – Contributing editor, Wired; co-host, Quantified Self
Gerry Campbell (@gfcampbell) – CEO, Collecta
Gram Ponante (@gramponante) – Editor of
Greg Johnson – SVP, Executive Creative Director & Head of Digital, William Morris Agency
Hank Wasiak (@hankwasiak) – Author. TV Host. Teacher. Partner – The Concept Farm
Imal Wagner (@imalwagner) – Moderator
Jason Pollock (@Jason_Pollock) – Filmmaker, Writer, and Activist.
Jeff Fowle (@JeffFowle) – Owner-Operator / President, KK Bar Ranch & AgChat Foundation
Jeff Keni Pulver (@jeffpulver) – founder and curator, #140conf
Jeffrey Hayzlett (@JeffreyHayzlett) – Author, Change Agent, South Dakotan, and sometimes Cowboy.
Jennifer Cisney (@kodakCB) – Kodak’s Chief Blogger & Social Media Manager
Jessica Gottlieb (@JessicaGottlieb) – Wife, Mom, Blogger
Jill Bennett (@DailyJill) – Actress, Vlogger
Joe Fernandez (@JoeFernandez) – founder, Klout
Johanna Blakley (@Mojojohanna) – Arts, entertainment & media researcher based at USC Annenberg School’s Norman Lear Center.
Johnny Diggz (@JohnnyDiggz) – Co-Founder, Voxeo Labs
Jon Lansner (@jonlan) – Columnist/blogger for O.C. Register.
Julie Cole (@juliecole) – VP, Mabel’s Labels
Julie Spira (@JulieSpira) – Online dating expert; Author
Julie Steelman (@JulieSteelman) – Entrepreneur’s Selling Expert.
Kelly O’Neil (@KellyONeil) – author of Visionary Women Inspiring the World: 12 Paths to Personal Power
Kelly Shibari (@KellyShibari) – CEO, Hourglass8 Media
Kerianne Mellott (@Keri_Mellott) – Founder,
Kevin Pollak (@kevinpollak) – Actor, Comedian
Kevin Sablan (@ksablan) – Leader of the Orange County Register’s web task force.
Krupali Tejura, M.D. (@krupali)
Leyla Farah (@CausePR) – Founding Partner, Cause+Effect, Inc.
Lisa Dabbs (@teachingwthsoul) – former California school administrator, education consultant
Lisa Steadman (@LisaSteadman) – Best selling author, relationship coach, and owner of Woohoo, Inc.
Lori Mackey (@LoriMackey) – author of Money Mama , inventor and speaker
Luke Renner (@firesideint) – Founder & President, Fireside International
Mark Horvath (@hardlynormal) – Founder,
Melissa Pierce (@melissapierce) – Creator of Life In Perpetual Beta
Michael Bellavia (@animaxent) – President, Animax
Michael Killian (@MichaelJKillian) – Avaya Director of Endpoint Devices
Michele Meiche (@michelemeiche) – Conscious Media Producer, AwakeningsRadio,Writer,Yoga, SoulPath,Meditation, Metaphysics,Spiritualism MysticTech,Poetry PsychicChannel,SpiritualCoach
Michelle Branch (@michellebranch) – Music Artist
Mike Harkey (@mharkey) – Managing Director, ImageShack Corporation
Nastassia Johnson (@manilamachine) – L.A.’s First Filipino Food Truck.
Nelson de Witt (@dewittn) – Chief Story Teller
Nick Cannon (@NickCannon) – American Actor, Comedian, Rapper, and Television Personality.
Ori Bengal (@CouchSurfingOri) – Adventurer, Photographer & Author
Owen JJ Stone (@Ohdoctah) – President of Inquiring Mindz Media (IQMZ)
Pete Housley (@petehousley) – CEO, NaughtyTweetNetwork
Phil Hulett (@philhulett) – Co-Host of LA’s Morning News on KFWB, Anaheim Ducks PA Announcer, Voiceover Artist, Co-Founder of KNAC.COM, Internet Marketer
Ray Prock Jr. (@RayLinDairy)
Ree Cee (@colagrand) – President, Urban Supremacy
Rick Bakas (@RickBakas) – Wine, Food, Branding, Dir. of Social Media at @StSupery winery, certified sommelier, author of Quick Bites
Robert Hernandez (@webjournalist) – @USCAnnenberg MacGyvering Web journalism solutions. Worked @,,, La Prensa Gráfica, others. Co-founder of #wjchat.
Robert Moran (@RobertMoranLA) – Cal State Fullerton journalism student. Avid social media user and LA transit rider who HAS AUTISM.
Salvador Duran (@salvadorduran) – correspondent for Univision Network in Los Angeles
Sarah Kay Hoffman (@sarahkayhoffman) – “A digitally-addicted country girl”
Shuki Lehavi (@slehavi) – founder, Gumiyo
Smokey Bear (@smokey_bear) – Only YOU can prevent Wildfires
Sol Lipman (@thesolster) – co-founder,
Stacey Soleil (@staceysoleil) – Moderator; Long time Autism awareness advocate, Mother of 3 & Owner/CEO of Soleil Marketing Services (SMS)
Steve Franklin (@SEF4PRES) – Teacher
Sylvia Martinez (@smartinez) – President of Generation Yes
Tanya Roscorla (@reportertanya) – Education reporter and writer
Tia Dobi (@TiaDobi) – Copywriter
Tim Kring (@TimKring) – Screenwriter and Television Producer
Tina Clark (@KodakEvents) – Interactive Marketing, Kodak
Traci Dinwiddie (@GrooveGoddess) – Actress
Trina Schwimmer (@gamingangel) – CE0 & Founder,
Ward Landis (@ShoeWolf) – President. Shoe Wolf
Zac Sanford (@zacsanford) – VP Development, Suntaur Entertainment; #scriptchat




  1. Thank you for posting the #140conf list of speakers. I’m thrilled to be able to share my story about Dating, Love and Romance in the Real Time Web on 10/5.

  2. Looking forward to meeting some of the fine speakers lined up for #140conf in LA along with many of the people attending, old and new friends on Twitter. Should be great!

  3. Looking forward to meeting some of the fine speakers lined up for #140conf in LA along with many of the people attending, old and new friends on Twitter. Should be great!

  4. Looking forward to meeting some of the fine speakers lined up for #140conf in LA along with many of the people attending, old and new friends on Twitter. Should be great!

  5. Looking forward to meeting some of the fine speakers lined up for #140conf in LA along with many of the people attending, old and new friends on Twitter. Should be great!


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