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Observations of VON

I have been going to, and supporting clients at a variety of tradeshows for over two decades.  VON is, without a doubt, the most unique gathering of technology and business people coupled with a tremendous amount of fun, energy, and disruptive forward thinking.

I remember the early VON shows, when we supported our long time client, AudioCodes.  I remember our booth was a small table top display and the "booth" was nothing more than a giant data sheet, pasted on to foamcore board.  The board itself was held up by two shower ring holders we bought at a hardware store and put through a metal rod to hold it up.

My, how things have changed.  AudioCodes is now a very successful, very well run, highly regarded NASDAQ company.  I love working with the AudioCodes marketing team in the U.S. and Israel, and that is what makes our working so hard for them so much fun.

Fun seems to embody the essence of VON.  Yes, we are all there to break new ground, create new markets, make a buck or two, and also have fun.

So, the first observation about VON is that it’s just pure fun.

My second observation about VON is that this year, the smaller companies have better quality designed booths.  The graphics are better.  The messages are clearer.  The image these companies project are more professional.  So, the bottom line is that these companies have learned that marketing, positioning and messaging do matter.

My third observation is that everyone at the show has gotten a bit grayer on the outside, but seems younger and more enthused about the future on the inside.

This is a very good, and fun time to be a part of the VoIP/IP space.  Jeff Pulver is a master of combining business, advancing an entire industry, and fun.  He is also one of our clients.

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