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Observations From CES

I managed to walk the entire CES Show over a period of four days. I am not going to pontificate about the technology of the show, but rather three overall observations:

1. Best story:  SBC’s U-verse offering.  While you can see bits and pieces of new and compelling technology, SBC did the best job telling a story of how the are more than just the phone company, and how they plan to deliver a variety of communications services into the home.

2. Most used movie on big screen TVs:  last year it was Finding Nemo.  The water, the fish, the seaweed were great ways to display high quality color that only plasma and LCD can display.  This year it was i-Robot.  Will Smith, his Robot enemy, and the Audi he drives looks great.

3. Biggest consumer shift:  Satellite Radio.  XM and Sirius are doing some very cool things with content and programming you just can’t get through traditional radio program.  My next toy will definitely be one of the portable satellite radio devices, and when I get my next car in August, it will definitely be equipped with one of these two providers.

4.  My next toy:  a 42" LCD.  Price point should be around $3,750.00 by April or May of this year.

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