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Now Using AT&T’s U-verse IPTV Service

Because I live in San Antonio, AT&T is offering free U-verse IPTV services to local residents who are willing to be beta users of their new IPTV platform.

Over the next few days, I will be writing about my dealings with the company, the installation, and the user experience at my other blog,

In this blog, I write about our clients such as AudioCodes, CopperGate Communications, Mercom Sytems, and IP Communications pioneer, Jeff Pulver.

I credit Jeff a great deal in helping me to understand a simple,
and powerful principle:  IP is just an application.   Jeff has some
great blog posts about the subject of IP in the context of disruptive
broadcasting which you can read by clicking here.   

These companies or individuals mentioned above are all involved in IP or VoIP
related technology, products, services and thought leadership.  I am
approaching the blog posts I am about to make as a consumer and not
a technologist or a PR consultant to our clients.  No one is paying me
to do this.  AT&T is offering the service at no charge, now –
through October. 

I have been a long time TimeWarner San Antonio cable customer and have no complaints about the service.

Dsc_7146Downstairs in the family room (shown above), we have a 56’  Sony HD TV
with some very nice home theater equipment that was purchased and
installed by San Antonio’s premier high end audio and video retailer, Bjorn’s.

In addition to the family room, we have what I call an audio room,
which is really a combination of the formal dining room and a place for
me to work when I am home.  That room has some outstanding audio
components including Definitive Technologies speakers.   I also run the music through my Apple PowerBook using an AirPort
so I can listen to Internet radio stations through the audio system.
We have another AirPort attached to a printer and one upstairs.

Over the last 5 years, I have spent about $15,000 on various
components.   I don’t consider this a ton of money, but I would say
that I have a better than average set up and thoroughly enjoy the
systems in our home. 

Upstairs, my 14 year old has an analog Sony TV in her bedroom and
new HD Samsung TV in what is now called the media room.  My 19 year old
son, Aaron, also has an analog TV in his bedroom.

Aaron will soon be coming home from Israel from his Freshman year at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  We can video conference with Aaron using the Apple iSite.
He will be in the U.S. for the summer and then back to Israel in the
fall.  Lauren also has an AirPort so she can do her homework and listen
to her music at her desk, in her bedroom or media room.

That’s it for the physical set up.   Check out tomorrow’s post at where  I will write about contacting AT&T and ordering the trial service.

Photo by Alan Weinkrantz (c) 2006 All Rights Reserved

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