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Now that I am officially an empty nester, here’s 5 things I am going to do, and why #5 is the most important

I rarely, if ever talk about my family on the social web, and in particular, this blog.

Today, I am going to make a brief exception, but only do so in one sentence.

My second of two children left today for college to study in Israel. My first child, age 22, goes to school and works in Austin. This happened about six hours ago and I am sitting at home with this really weird and eery silence in the house.

Now that I am an empty nester, here’s what I plan to do:

1. Continue work with some of the smartest people on earth who are building new ways of doing new things with PR and Social Media.

2. Travel more for business to expand my sphere, reach and opportunities for helping clients and doing more public speaking on how I combine PR with the Social Web (you can see some of my presentations here on SlideShare. For the last two year in particular, I purposely scaled back travel to be present in the home until my daughter finished high school, so I am ready to rev up my car or head to the airport.

3. Re-focus business opportunities in Israel. Israel has been a focus for the last 15 years, but much of my business started coming from the US. I am particularly interested in working with traditional tech and emerging green companies.

4. Test the waters in music and entertainment.

5. Let things unfold.

I think #5 is the most important.

Planning is one thing, but six hours into this process, I need to let thing unfold. I say this not with reckless abandon, but a belief set that when you open yourself up to change, change and new opportunities come about.

If any of you have been through this process, I would welcome your comments and feedback. And for those of you with kids at home, be at home as much as you can be. You don’t have to hover, but being present matters.

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