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Now on YouTube: @JeffPulver and I Interview Israel’s Startup Economy at SXSW 2012

During SXSW 2012, Jeff Pulver and I were invited by NewTek’s Philip Nelson to host a show using the power of the TriCaster broadcasting platform.  Check out the high quality production values that brings the show to life.

Here’s the cast of characters in order of their appearance:

00:42  Jennifer Raskas  / State of Israel Trade & Economic Office Southern Region

04:21  Sagee Ben-Zedeff  /

06:23  Natasha Shine Zirkel  /

09:33  Debbie Levi  / Carmel Ventures

12:58   Turner Ben-Shalom  / Livingrid

14:43    Yair Bar-On  / GroupShot

17:36    Kobi Stok /  JamStar

21:39    Avner Shilo & Nimrod Ram  / Deja

27:08   Reflections on travels to Israel and working with the startup ecosystem

 – You may watch other broadcasts from SXSW on the NewTek platform here.

– For a list of the State of Israel’s activities, companies, bands, films, creatives and tons of fun had at SXSW 2012, click here.












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