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San Antonio Press Conference Today at 2:00 PM CST Regarding The Attacks on Israel

Note:  I’ve decided to suspend blogging today in
order to focus on the situtation in the Middle East.  As a rule, I
don’t write about or cover political or
policy issues, unless they are related to the technology or
telecommunications industry.  In this case, I am making an exception
because of my close personal and business ties to the State of Israel.

There will be a press conference today at 2:00 p.m.  in the Beldon Library at the Campus of the San Antonio Jewish community.
With many of my readers being outside of San Antonio, if you are in the
U.S., check with your local Jewish Community Center.  If you are a reader from Israel, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Mark Freedman, executive director of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio,
will extend condolences from the organized Jewish community in San
Antonio to the families whose members have suffered losses and injury
in the recent attacks. 

To be covered in the conference will be information on the unprovoked attacks from the Hezbollah terrorist group, which has been operating freely in Southern Lebanon and is a member of the Lebanese government. 

Mark Freedman will also be prepared to discuss the humanitarian
situation in Gaza, which Israel has started to address with several
measures including the establishment of a high level humanitarian
contact team for the donor and relief community.

At the time same time as the press conference at the same location
the JCC summer camp will be holding an Israel Day.  Israeli culture
will be featured and young Israeli college students who are here
working at the camp will be available for interviews.  They will be
prepared to talk about the impact of the current situation on their
families back home in Israel.

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