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New York Times Health Section Illustrates How Xilas Medical’s Temp Touch Device Is Being Used For Saving Diabetic Foot


As a daily reader of The New York Times, I personally enjoy reading the Science and Health section that appears on Tuesdays.  In today’s edition, there is an excellent article that describes how our client’s product, Xilas Medical’s Temp Touch, is being used in a new diabetes management program that makes the patient a partner in protecting their feet.

While the article does not mention our client’s product by name, it does describe it as "…a  new $150 device…" and how it is being used by two leading Disease Management companies. 

According to the article, there are approximately 50,000 Americans each year who will face the prospect of the amputation of a leg or foot due to this disease.

We are very focused on doing our client right, and through quality media coverage and awareness enable diabetic foot sufferers to become aware of our client’s product(s) and avoid amputation.

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