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New VoIP Peering Company, IPeerX, Links IP Communications Service Providers Around the Globe

We’re launching a new company for pulver.comIPeerX, Inc., which provides VoIP peering services to link IP Communications networks and route calls around the more expensive public services telephone network (PSTN). IPeerX is now switching traffic and completing calls between more than 130 service providers in its network, representing approximately 5 million end users.  New Telephony Magazine was the first publication  to break the story and Alec Saunders was the first blogger to cover it.

IPeerX’s FrictionlessPeering™ architecture is based on the concept that the Internet routes around any resistance, such as a slow link or blocked router. IPeerX aligns itself with this philosophy of the Internet by inserting as little friction between VoIP providers as possible.

Through our our client’s FrictionlessPeering architecture, they are seeking to establish themselves as the interconnection point through which you can reach any VoIP user in the world.  IPeerX’s Internet-friendly service does not require service providers to build any costly infrastructure or pay set up or annual fees. Instead, IPeerX only gets paid when a call is actually completed, allowing providers to realize savings and increase profits from the very first call made.

In addition, IPeerX will soon be providing other advanced services such as presence management which allows users to be tracked to their preferred device and address bridging which allows users to call someone using something other than a telephone number, such as an email address. IPeerX’s services also apply to other forms of IP Communications besides voice, such as video calls, instant messaging, and SMS.

Watch this blog for further developments as we roll out IPeerX. 

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