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New Event for our Client, pulvermedia: F2C: Freedom-to-Connect

We’ve just announced our client, pulvermedia and’s jointly producing a new event, F2C: Freedom-to-Connect on April 3-4 in Washington, DC. 

This two-day summit will bring business, policy and technology thought leaders to the nation’s capital to share their perspectives, insights and wisdom, thus helping to build a better, more complete understanding of how policy and technology might evolve together to create and advance the future of communications and the Internet.

The policies shaping the future of the Internet will be written over the next year or two.  The rules will certainly grow out of the policy debate currently underway in DC and in seats of government around the world.

Unless we — those enamored by the possibility of the Internet and pushing its technological and operational limits — engage policy makers and participate in the dialogue, the rules will be written by those who do not necessarily have the best interest of the Internet, its innovators and its enthusiasts in mind.

The debate is just now getting more sophisticated and now recognizes the pivotal role of the Internet and IP-based communications to transform the communications experience.  It is clear that those that want to evolve the Internet and transform the communications experience must now engage in the battle for net freedom and user empowerment.

On another note, check out’s founder, David S. Isenberg, who was recognized as Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at AT&T Bell Labs, where he spent 12 years.  Towards the end of his tenure, he wrote the internationally renowned essay, "The Rise of the Stupid Network."

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