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New Client: Insolia – For Da Ladies

Here at The Ranch, we have a new client, Insolia® .  This is not a technology client per se, but it’s product design was developed by a real live former rocket scientist and former telecom visionary and entrepreneur, Brian Hughes.

What we are doing is reflection of some new initiatives we are taking on to grow and expand our business based on blogging and social media.

Insolia is marketing an insert for women’s high heels which fundamentally changes the way women can wear high heel shoes, shifting weight off the ball of the foot back to the heel.

Our initial strategy is to reach out to a variety of shoe, fashion and lifestyle bloggers who go under names such as Manolo’s Shoe Blog, Shoewawa, and Shoe Lover.

We are making pitches to these bloggers and are already getting results, by their requesting evaluation samples for their editorial staff.  Reaching out to industry specific bloggers requires a great deal of custom research and Google / Technorati searches, because many of these bloggers are not listed in traditional media database services we subscribe to. 

You have to go through each blog individually and find an editorial contact email address.  And rarely, if ever, is a phone number listed.  A challenge nonetheless, but a great deal of fun and very rewarding when the bloggers you are pitching come back to you with a "…yes, send the product along."

Our first initial coverage in Gizmodo and Popgadget is driving traffic to our client’s site and yielding orders.  More coverage will come once the review units get out to the ediorial staff of the shoe and fashion bloggers we are focusing on. 


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