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Ramping Up At The Ranch For 2005

We’re back into the swing of things here at The Ranch in San Antonio.

We had our weekly staff meeting, reviewing client activities, confirming trade show support plans for Q1, and following up on work we had done over the Christmas and New Year holidays. We were also quite busy putting the final touches on the upcoming C.E.S. Show in Las Vegas that starts this coming Thursday.

Even though I was in Costa Rica during the break, we managed to coordinate an important interview with Electronic Engineering Times for our client, Discretix, for a possible end of the month story. 

The lesson here:  the holidays are not necessarily down times for the editorial community.  There is less competition for attention and a journalist who might be working in advance to get a story done is more apt to listen to, and appreciate a well orchestrated pitch and subsequent interview.

I also received two emails from prospective clients that we had been calling on in 2004 that want to move forward with us as new business.  Maybe it’s a sign of the times that the tech economy is really coming back into full swing.

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