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New: The Vox AC4 Amp Review at Redbone Guitar Boutique / San Antonio

Here’s my pal, Neal Walker, demonstrating the VOX AC4 Amps that are available at my favorite guitar / amp shop in the world, Redbone Guitar Boutique in San Antonio.  

There’s actually two amps that he is demonstrating here- the smaller one is the AC4TV, with a 12AX7 powered pre-amp, all driving a custom-made Celestion 10 inch speaker. The larger one is the VOX AC4TVH / V112TV Head & Cab 12AX7 powered pre-amp, all driving the V112TV speaker cabinet fitted with a custom-made Celestion 12 inch speaker.  Want to learn all about the history of the AC4 line?  Click here.

I love doing these videos because I am passionate about my music and appreciate the way this store takes good care of its community.  

Notice I did not say “customer.”  

Redbone is a community where you don’t just buy great gear at great prices.  

I come here for the education, the culture, and approach to retail merchandising.  

Since I started taking guitar lessons from Steve Owens, I have bought a few instruments, amps, and accessories here.  I’ve also been fortunate to take part in their summer clinics where you get to hang out and learn from the coolest vendors and real musicians like Brian Ray and Brad Davis, who are equally passionate about their music.

If you are traveling to San Antonio on business or pleasure, you gotta come and check the place out.  And if you have never been to San Antonio, and love fine guitars, great amps, and nice people who get it, then that’s your reason to visit.

Redbones also down the street from my other hang-out, the Olmos Bharmacy.  

Oh, both places have WiFi.

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