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New, Not-for-Profit Angel Club Brings Together US Investors with Israeli Early Stage Companies

With more than one-half of my business coming from Israel’sDsc_0018_2
technology economy, it is important to me that I equally try to promote organizations and institutions which help raise awareness and bring attention to the land of milk, honey and algorithms.

Introducing Tevel:  the first not-for-profit angel club established in the US, exclusively focused on bringing together US investors with Israeli early-stage technology companies.

Tevel is focused on companies from the sectors in which Israeli technology is currently demonstrating exceptional abilities, including:

  • Life Sciences
  • Internet
  • Electronics
  • Telecom
  • Software
  • Clean-Tech
  • Homeland Security
  • Currently Israel produces each year hundreds of innovative companies in various leading fields. Unfortunately, due to limited financial resources, the majority of these companies are prevented from reaching the next level.
  • As seasoned business people, Tevel recognized the importance in assisting the growing Israeli economy by recruiting external funds with the hopes to enable it to flourish, further expand and by that benefit the global economy.
  • Therefore by putting together a platform to introduce early-stage companies to US investors, Tevel strives to create new business opportunities while supporting Israel’s growing economy.

Come and join Tevel…

While participation in Tevel’s membership program is not required, membership will grant you preferred status, access to additional information prior to and following club meetings and further valuable benefits.

All members and guests are required to be accredited investors as individuals or as representatives of such entities.

Bi-Monthly Meetings in NYC…

The core of Tevel’s activity will be a bi-monthly club meeting in a prestigious dinner club-setting in Manhattan plus access to an extensive web based database. Throughout the club meeting, four to five pre-screened Israeli technology companies will have the opportunity to provide a 8-10 minute presentation of their product, business model and investments needs, followed by a short Q&A session moderated by a Tevel executive committee member.

Once the companies have completed their presentations, angels will be asked to express their interest and willingness to participate in a follow up meeting with representatives of the companies the following morning. With the intention of achieving a firm commitment to invest in the company, these meetings will be attended by all interested angels, members of Tevel’s executive team and representatives of the company.

In addition to Tevel’s pending status as a 501(c)(3) organization, at each angel club meeting Tevel angel club will provide an Israeli-related philanthropy, registered as a 501(c)(3) organization in the United States, with the opportunity to present its goals before Tevel members. Furthermore, at the end of every calendar year, Tevel angel club will contribute excess funds to support such philanthropies.


Tevel angel club was founded in Spring 2007 by Dr. Oren Fuerst and Oren Heiman, two prominent Israeli business professionals living in New York.

Dr. Fuerst has a long history in founding and investing in technology companies while providing them with proper guidance to ensure they achieve global recognition and financial independence. Oren Heiman is the managing partner of Shiboleth, the largest Israeli law firm in North America. His esteemed record includes representation of numerous technology clients both in Israel and in the United States.

In the last decade, Dr. Fuerst and Mr. Heiman each supported various philanthropic causes. Tevel angel club is the first time they come together based on a shared vision and a strong commitment to encourage and promote Israeli technology and entrepreneurship.

First Tevel Meeting in NYC on September 6

Tevel’s launching event will take place at the Harvard Club,on Thursday, September 6,2007. As we are limiting participation to 50 angels, if you are interested in joining, please contact Tevel’s Executive Director, Rona Yaniv at: Rona at tevel dot org /
Phone: 646 – 461 –  6205.

For further information please visit  web site at:

Photo of Tel Aviv by Alan Weinkrantz while flying back to the U.S. in July (c) 2007

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