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New Equity-Based Crowdfunding Platform, OurCrowd, Lets You Invest In Israel’s “Startup Nation.”

Jon Medved is on to his next big thing:  OurCrowd.

Back in early October, I had a chance to catch up with Jon in Israel where he shared his insights on  a great way to invest in Startup Nation if you are an accredited investor.

OurCrowd is an equity-based crowdfunding platform, created for accredited investors to invest in Israeli startups.

The idea is that Jon and his team vet the startups, bring you deal flow that have gone through a due-diligence process, and pre-negotiated term sheets.   OurCrowd intends to offer one new deal per week, giving thousands of potential (qualified ) investors from around the world the chance to take part in this new approach to investing.



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