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Need PR Startup Advise? I’m Now Available on Clarity.


I’m testing out a new platform, Clarity with the hope that I can help startups who may not have budgets (and should not be spending money anyway) on PR and Content Strategy advisory services.  

Maybe you just need a reality check for 15 minutes.  Or an hour.  

I’m testing a price point of $200 per hour* or $3.33 per minute, and offer a money-back guarantee.  

If you don’t think my advise, experience, and insights are not worth 3X what you are paying, I will refund your money.   I’ll provide you with nuggets of actionable items to help you succeed.

Click here and let me know how I can help.

P.S.  Thank you Dan Martell for bringing this platform to life. 

View recent media coverage about Clarity here on TechCrunch.

* you must be a non-venture backed startup to qualify for this price point.  Otherwise, pricing is at $400 per hour or $250 per hour for blocks of ten hours per month.



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