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N-trig’s New DuoSense Technology Platform Combines Pen and Zero-Force Touch for Notebook PCs into a Single Device Now Available to OEM Customers

Client, N-trig, the provider of  DuoSense™ technology combining pen and zero-pressure touch for mobile computers into a single device, has announced that its patented solution is now available to OEM customers. 

The company will soon be releasing names of its first customers to embed its next generation technology. 

N-trig’s architecture, which is designed for natural interaction with notebook PCs using pen and touch, enables a solid platform for current and future products.

Rather than using resistive touch, DuoSense’s capacitive touch technology requires zero-pressure, single or multi-touch which enables the best touch experience in any product available on the market. 

DuoSense technology integrates pen and touch into one simple transparent digitizer that integrates on top of the LCD panel and is highly scalable to support displays ranging from 5 to 32 inches.  The unique architecture is based on a small form factor solution and saves valuable space within the tablet and minimizes weight.  DuoSense digitizers are faster, more sensitive and accurate, use less power, and are easier to integrate than traditional solutions.

Download the news release here:

Download ntrig_technology_releasefinal_6.doc

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