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See My Video Submission to Jeff Pulver’s “How I Watch Internet TV” Contest

I entered Jeff Pulver’s "How I Watch Internet TV" contest.

Here is my entry on his blog!

Check it out and let me know what you think. 

To date, there have been something like sixty entries.  I have seen many and I am amazed at the creative and original work that has been submitted. 

Next week, Jeff’s VON  Spring takes place and I will be in San Jose with our client, Surf Communication Solutions, catching up with friends, and learning about the power and disruption of video, user generated content and macro trends in Web 2.0.

Sure, there’s lots of conferences and events, but having been going to VON for almost a decade, VON is unique because no matter how large or "professional" it gets, there is still a unique spirit that you won’t find at other shows.

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