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My Other Life As A Blogger and What I am Learning About Being “A Journalist”

Yes I blog here.  It’s mostly about doing PR and what we do for our tech clients in the U.S. and Israel.

But I have another blog that is morphing into a specialized media property.  SAtechBlog is getting national and international readershp and media coverage.

I am finding readers of my other blog, who are part of the Telecom industry seeking coverage on my blog, advise and my insight on being an early adapter to IPTV and any inside information I may have on AT&T because I live here in San Antonio. (please note: I don’t have any inside information on AT&T–  and if I did, I would not publish it because it would go against breaching agreements of confidentiality.)

With this new role in evolving into a part-time journalist, it’s really helping me be better at being a PR professional.  From the vantage point of being on both sides of the fence, here is what I am finding:

1. As Shel says, "markets are conversations."  So are PR and Media relationships.  Yes, we need the standard press documents, but moreso for fact checking and accuracy.

What I am finding is that in the companies that are pitching coverage on my other blog, I rarely get press docs.  What I get are conversations and discussions about vision and where the world is going in IPTV and disruptive broadcasting.

2.  I can’t read through your entire press kit. 

It’s not that I don’t have the time.  It’s just that it’s sometimes easier to speak to a company spokesperon and get the basic info I need- in English and in verbal form.  Yes, you need a press kit- especially if you are a publicly traded company.  Make your press kit easy to find- online and easy to read and download.

3.  I would rather do my research and in turn my blogging / reporting based on a series of verbal conversations.  If I need fact, I will read your fact sheet.  If I need to really understand your market position and vision statement, I will review your web site.

4. I respect and honor the idea of an embargo.  If you will work with me in advance of your announcement, I’ll do a better job, rather than having to rush through an announcement just to stay current and "live."  If I breach the confidentiality agreement, you never have to work with me again. 

5. My blog does not compete with mainstream telecom trade or technical journalists.  I am a blogger, speaking in simple English looking at life from the perspective of an end user.  Think Walt Mossberg.  Think Howard Stern (without the profanity).  Think Martha Stewart (without jail time.)

Playing the role of part-time journalist is really helping appreciate and undestand the very people we reach out to on behalf of our clients.  It’s given me a renewed appreciation for the time and effort it takes to buy into a story, do the research, write the story and file it on a timely basis.


  1. Sir
    I appreciate your efforts to be a good part time journalist. I encourage you to write more . I enjoy reading your blog page. cheers1

  2. Sir
    I appreciate your efforts to be a good part time journalist. I encourage you to write more . I enjoy reading your blog page. cheers1


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