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My Other Blog Gets More Coverage in Telephony Magazine

Somehow, I missed this one:  another story in Telephony Online regarding my proposal to turn my home into the United Nations of television.

The idea here is that with more and more global telcos coming to San Antonio to do bidness with AT&T, or just hang out at Betty’s, the fact is that my home is a great demonstation of a real world family setting where you can see how both IPTV and Cable are deployed without corporate speak from the cable or phone company.

Maybe I’ll never solve world peace, but if you are from any global
telco, a major investment bank, strategic supplier or partner to
AT&T and want to come to my home, see the Toilet Seat Museum, the local DSLAM, and have dinner at the Liberty Bar, send me an email to: alan at weinkrantz

Also, if you are a gantseh macher media exec from the studios who are doing content deals with the phone company, you’re welcomed to the house. 

No, this ain’t Hollywood, but you can see how our family consumes
content in all types of flavors.  (I also make a wonderful brisket- so
what’s not to like?)

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