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My First Photography Exhibit to Start February 3

I know I am supposed to be blogging about PR and all the great things we do for our clients, but since I own the joint, I have to interrrupt this blog with a short, self promotional commercial.

Thanks to graphic designer, web marketing Diva, and gallery owner, Lara August, she is going to exhibit some of my photography at her Robot Gallery gallery starting on February 3. Dsc_8414_2

Because of business, family events, and personal travel, I have had the chance to visit Costa Rica, London, Paris, Iceland, Israel, San Miguel de Allende Mexico, New Orleans, Mississippi, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, and a few parts of the Texas Hill Country over the last 18 months.

In the course of my travels, I always take my PowerBook G4, iPOD, Bose Headphones, BlackBerry and of course my Nikon D70 and three basic lenses.  Wherever I go, I try to look at life through a lens – capturing people, collections, and landscapes indigenous to where I go.

Any time I travel, I will try to shoot 200 shots per day, hoping for a 1 % hit rate of photos I can take back home with me to consider keeping.  While this show represents a small sampling of the photos, I have tried to assemble a collection that is representative of timing, luck, a course of unexpected events, a great expression, an interesting collection and sheer instinct of what I think will make a compelling and interesting photo.

Hope you can come by the gallery.  And now, back to our regularly paid blogging….


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