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My Take on CES 2009. Yup, the Economy is Impacting CES & Las Vegas. Gotta Chance to Re-Connect with Real and Virtual Friends. And Made a Few New Friends Too!

I am writing this post from the Las Vegas airport, en route home to San Antonio.P1010863

Here's my pal, Jeff Pulver, in the Press Room at CES

While I have had an amazing and informative 48 hours doing research and conducting interviews for my new blog,, I wanted to share my observations about CES 2009:

1.  The show was smaller and far more manageable in terms of getting around, getting a cab, scheduling meetings.

2.  Bloggers really mattered.  Kudos the the Management of the CES Show, who gave bloggers like me street cred with a Bloggers Lounge in the same place where the Press Room was located. 

3.  From speaking to cab drivers, the economic situation and general downturn is affecting Las Vegas – big time.  Every cab driver told me they are seeing fewer tourists, fewer conventioneers, and less big time spenders.  They are told me that residential and commercial real estate is really being impacted with the down turn.  (Hint:  if you have money to invest, this place could be a wonderful residential real estate opportunity to buy into now.

4.  The upscale stores at the nice hotels are clearly less crowded.  Last night I was at the Venetian Hotel and took a brief walk through the high end shopping area.  It was bordering on empty.  

5.  I re-connected with people I knew and people I was friends with on various social media platforms.  Great to see Jeff Pulver.  Great to meet Kevin from JKontheRun.  Great to see Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells, co-founders of the Social Media Club. Great to meet David Churbuck.  Great to see writer super-star, Daniel Dern. Great to meet my virtual Twitter pal, Ponzi Prillo.  Wonderful to meet Greg Verdino, Chief Strategy Officer from Crayon.

All in all… a great show.  

I'm going to be focusing on populating the EveryWire site over the next few days with video interviews from leading executives looking at the future of wired home networking and the new standard.  

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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