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“Unboxing” My New Gibson 1963 Historic ES-335: Thanks Steve, Scott & Dausin

Ever since I started taking guitar lessons from The Mo-dels co-founder, Steve Owens, he’s been helping me figure out what instruments to buy as time goes on. 

I’ve always talked about buying (investing) in a nice Gibson ES-335.  The day that I walked into the recently unofficially opened Redbone Guitar Boutique in San Antonio, I spotted a natural ES-335 1963 model.  My teacher, Steve, and co-honcho over at Redbone, Scott Stevens worked with me to secure the guitar which I just took home today….  Dausin helped me finalize the purchase and pointed me to an amazing Moody Strap.  This video says it all.  (to watch it in higher quality video mode, click here directly to YouTube and switch to high quality video).

Whether you live in the San Antonio region (that means folks in Austin too) or if you are traveling to San Antonio for fun or business, and have an interest in music, you gotta make this place a must see.

They’re a nice group of guitar lovers with a mix of merchandise and accessories you are not going to find in larger traditional chain stores. 

You might also run into the other head honcho, Richard Turner, who is best known for his Sunday morning Beatles radio show that I’ve been listening to for two decades (not a misprint).

Worth a visit!  Highly Recommended.

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