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My Interview with Dr. Eli Opper, Israel’s Chief Scientist, prior to the Texas Israel Chamber of Commerce’s Cleanovation Event – Austin; #TxCleantech

When you think of the term, “Chief Scientist,” you might not associate it with the commercializing and export of technology. In the case of the Office of the Chief Scientist, Dr. Eli Opper is actually part of the State of Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.  And his role is to help bring Israel innovation to market through its Foreign Trade Administration Investment Promotion Center.

I had a chance to meet Dr. Opper at a reception last night, prior to the opening of the Texas Israel Chamber of Commerce’s Cleanovation event which begins today in Austin.

There are over 200 people from Texas and Israel convening, and getting down to business.

If you think clean or green, think water, the grid, and sustainability, and combine it with the mindsets of Texans and Israelis and you have a compelling setting for the creation of new business, economic and development and making our world a cleaner, greener and more sustainable planet.

I’ll be posting throughout the day – mostly on Twitter. Watch for #TxCleantech.  

Worth Watching:  For related viewing, here’s another video I found on YouTube which further explains Dr. Opper’s role, where he outlines his focus on economic development from Israel’s economic value chain of R & D.

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