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My Column (and supporting video) in today’s San Antonio “Express-News: ‘Social economy’ in S.A. is strong.

Today’s column in the San Antonio “Express News” which you may download via, cites specific examples of some really amazing people in San Antonio who are breaking new ground using social media platforms like Twitter.  People mentioned include: Jennifer Miliken, Jennifer Navarette, Colleen Pence, Michael Long, Erica Benavides, and George Roberts.

On a lighter note, I shot this video at Brasserie Pavil, showcasing some of San Antonio’s best and brightest women who are using twitter in some very creative ways.


  1. Alan, thank you for including me in your article, I’m honored! I will say that any success I have developed with social media has been due to surrounding myself with the amazing talent we have here – and you are all laying the groundwork for San Antonio!

  2. Hey George, You are one of the bright spots in town walking the walk – building a business based on the social web.  Keep disrupting.

  3. Alan,Thank you very much for the mention today! I do appreciate it.Twitter and social media have completely changed my businesses. It’s an amazing platform, as you mentioned, for connecting and understanding the needs of our clients and those who are impacted by our presence. Both in recruiting and non-profit work, I have personally witnessed how impactful a social media presence can be on our desire to establish communities.Keep up the great work and thank you again!Looking forward,Michael Long (The Red Recruiter)

  4. Alan – Thank you very much for the mention both in your column and here on your blog. You have quite the following! A number of people have engaged with me thanks to your column. Keep up the great work!

  5. Super…. glad to here this.  We have an amazing and smart community here in town.  Keep the conversation going.


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