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My Bank in San Antonio Makes Money; and Turns Government Bailouts Down


     Move your money to this bank.  They are great to work with and told the Fed to take a hike.

A message from the Chairman
July 2009
Our more than 68 years of sound and responsible business practices have served us, and our customers well.  Today, Broadway Bank remains not only unshaken, but also has become increasingly solid and stable.
We’re as strong as ever.  In fact, we recently reached $2 billion in total assets. Compared to second-quarter 2008, assets have risen by $264 million. The increase has been driven by deposits, which grew by $140 million during the first half of this year and were up by 20% over the prior year.
We’ve said "NO" to government bailout money.  Simply put, we didn’t want it or need it.
We’re nationally recognized for our safety and security.  We’ve received the highest ratings — 5-star and A+ ratings — from the prestigious independent organizations of, and Bauer Financial.
We’re prepared to meet the challenges that lie ahead. We remain responsible with our lending and investment activities and are confident that these practices will strike the proper balance in order to serve customer needs.
We take pride in the fact that you have financial peace-of-mind with us today and in the future.  Thank you for your loyalty and trust in Broadway Bank.
Sincerely, Jim D Goudge, Chairman and CEO $2 Billion Strong
Broadway Bank, Member FDIC
800.531.7650, 38 Neighborhood Banking Centers


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