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My 3Screens Blog Scoops All National Media to Report on the First Starbucks in the U.S. with AT&T WiFi

In my other life, I have a blog called

It’s a consumer facing blog about what it’s like to be an AT&T three screens customer. 

In producing this blog, it makes me be my own client, having to stay on message, think about communications strategy, with an end game of  building authority and brand.

By three screens, it refers to the TV, the PC and my wireless device (and iPhone) — all of which I have service from AT&T.

While my focus has been on IPTV, I am starting to write and cover stories about wireless.  I happened to be driving in between my home and my office, stopped at the Starbucks in my neighborhood, got a cup of Java and saw the AT&T crew there. 

I knew that AT&T and Starbucks had announced the switch from T-Mobile to AT&T, so putting 1 + 1 together, I ran to my office, got my computer, logged on, got on the AT&T (and not the T-Mobile network), blogged, sent some pitches out via email, and… just struck a chord.

I am going to start melding AT&T / Starbucks / Apple into my editorial mix.  Oh- yes, still do IPTV.  Once whole home DVR is real its yet another ball game.  And once I get U-verse Voice, then I have an all IP home.  There is plenty to do and more fun to come.

Breaking coverage included sites such as:




Houston Chronicle (thanks, Dwight;)


MacWorld (Glen Fleishman’s syndicated story)

PC World (Glen Fleishman’s syndicated story)

RV Internet (a news site for people who live in RVs, or are always on the road and need Internet access)

San Antonio Express News  (where AT&T is headquartered)

Seattle Post Intelligencer (where Starbucks is headquartered)


Washington Post (Glen Fleishman’s syndicated story)

WiFiNetNews (Glen Fleishman’s source story)


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