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My 2012 New Year’s Resolutions Now. Not Later. What About You?

I am already getting a jump on 2012 New Year’s Resolutions and trying my hardest to make them stick.


I’m adjusting tone, volume and sound to new opportunities in 2012.

Photo shot by me over at the best Guitar Store in Texas, Redbone Guitar Boutique.

Now, through the end of December, I am starting to clear the decks for new opportunities in the year to come.

1.  Opting Out

Unsubscribe to newsletters and user groups that no longer benefit you, or have worn out their welcome.  

I’m trying to get away from PR / Social Media / Content related sites and focusing more on innovation, emerging technology, and discovering new voices.  

2.  Not responding to every ask

It’s ok to say no.  It’s ok not to respond, or not respond immediately.

We all try to be helpful to each other, but some times, I get the feeling that many of think that just because we have someone’s email address and need a favor, we can not only ask, but expect / hope for an immediate response.

The same goes with journalists that I pitch.  I know that not every pitch I make is going to stick, let alone get a response.  

3.  Managing expectations

When I do help someone, I also try to manage their expectations.  Helping is good, but if I am not in a position to take something on or get invovled in their cause is really ok.  This has nothing to do with money or getting paid for time.  It has to do with respecting the fact that not everyone is going to be gung ho about the stuff I am gung ho about and visa verse.  

4.  Building deeper on line relationships by listening more

I “listen” by reading, by following a stream, tracking someone’s trip on Facebook, or hearing a person’s voice when they are in pain.  If you listen hard enough to someone’s writing, their photos, or the videos they may share, you can better understand their persona, and when the time / chance arises, connect in the real world.

I find this an effective way to stay engaged with the amazing people I am fortunate to meet as I travel on busines, for fun, or through the growing #140Conf community.  Keeping up from afar is a good way to see what my online friends are doing and re-engage when I see them at events. 

Yes, this really works and it has nothing to do with business.  It has to do with casting a wider net, and using social platforms to keep you eyes and ears open and be inspired by like minded people.  

5.  Returning the favor…

I can’t help every startup on the world, but I think I have some good ideas and insights in how to effectively do some elements of PR that can, for the most part be done by yourself or your team.

I have no clue if this will, or will not lead to new business.  That’s not my intent.  My intenet is to remain thinking like a startup because it benefits my regular clients that have funding and budgets to to work with me.  And even if there is a budget to work with, thinking like a startup keeps us all focused, hungry and lean.

This is half of my list.  My goal is to get to ten realistic, manageable and actionable resolutions.  I have twelve more in my head, but I need to sort them out and whittle it down to five.

So… about you?  

What’s on your radar for making your life and the world at large a slightly better place?


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