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Multinational Startups – How To Hack The Tourist Visa Process – Travel The World & Enjoy the World’s Best Startup Cities

Meet Tom Moor.  He and his team created Buffer in the UK, shifted gears to camp at at AngelPad until their visa ran out, went back to the UK for a bit, went back the USA, then to Hong Kong and then to Israel where I met them at IDC Elevator.

Tom Moor, Co-Founder & Chief Hacker – Buffer

I am meeting more an more startups that are not only creating great companies, but traveling the world, camping out at accelerators and inbubators and then when it’s time to boogie, they pack their Macs, get a new SIM card, and head to the next great part of the world.

Coming To America?  Come Discover Geekdom.

If you are traveling in the U.S. and want a great place to hang out, then come to Geekdom in San Antonio.   That’s where I hang my hat when I am not roaming around on airplanes.  

We have the world’s best Mexican food, the coldest beer on planet earth, the nicest and smartest people ever, and fast and free Internet.  

Be our guest and enjoy some welcomed Texas hospitality.


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