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Multinational Startup #Hashtagart – Succeeds With Development in Tel Aviv & Biz Dev in NYC

I met Marc Fischman four years ago at an outlet mall in San Marcos, Texas – half-way between Austin and San Antonio when he was in the process of starting another startup.  As it turned out, the startup did not work out, and Marc went on to co-found another startup, Hashtagart, with his co-founder, Gilad Zirkel.

Marc Fischman, Multinational Startup Co-Founder, HashTag Art – New York & Tel Aviv.

When they started Hashtagart, they both lived in Tel Aviv.  The company’s Executive Chairman, and my pal, Jeff Pulver made a suggestion to them in the Spring of 2010:  get on a plane, get a booth at SXSW, and go for it.

Jeff’s infinate wisdom turned out to be right, and Hashtagart broke out at SXSW 2010 – and they have returned every year thereafter.


Last year at SXSW, Marc was featured on CNN as a breakout company at SXSW.

Gilad runs development in Tel Aviv and Marc runs business development and sales in New York. The New York office just happens to be at Young & Rubican’s Spark Plug Incubator, giving them a big agency partner that can tap into innovative companies like Hashtagart.

Brands Come To Life

Hashtagart brings brands to life through real time, user engagement experiences.  

When you’re at an event, and you tweet the brand or event’s assigned hashtag, your image becomes part of a greater community that fills in an image on a big screen in venues such as TV shows, stadiums, or concert venues.  

They’ve had engagements from the likes of The World Series,The Ellen Show, The Today Show, Microsoft and many leading brands.  Often times, the company will work with agencies to build measurable and actionable campaigns around their technology platform.

Marc has some great insights on the challenges and in many cases, the benefits of running a multinational startup.





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