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Multi-Ticket Pricing Now Available to Agencies and Brands for #BrandsConf – NYC / Dec 2

Over the last few weeks, Jeff Pulver and I have been receiving several requests from Agencies and Brands for multi-ticket pricing for the upcoming #BrandsConf event on December 2 in New York.

What we have discovered is that several Agencies are bringing clients to #BrandsConf and several Brands are doing likewise with their management teams.

Think of BrandsConf as a Real Time Workshop Where You Can Learn and Engage.

It seems that we are striking a chord on both sides of the table.  We’ve discovered that Agencies and their Clients as well as the Brands themselves are aware of a period of transformation where humanity and being human is playing an increasing role in the branding process.

So, be it be it for business development, R&D, or consensus building on strategies for 2011, we want to offer  special pricing to Agencies and Brands who purchase a minimum of 4 tickets. 

So if you want to learn more about the event, just log on to and check out the amazing program and speakers that you are not going to hear anywhere else on subject like:  How to Make Love To Your Customer, or why Seaseme Street Tweets, Loyalty 3.0, Humanizing Behind the Keyboard, and Choosing the Right Way to Humanize Brands.

We have amazing sponsors and partners like Doubletree Hotels, Mashable, Virgin America and Sparksheet, plus a few more surprises in the making.

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to me –  alan at weinkrantz dot com, and I will personally reach out to you with your request.



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