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Move To Israel. Get Your Startup Buzz Going at Tel Aviv Accelerator, The Hive.

I am discovering more and more people with startups moving to Israel, not only because it’s a special place to be, but because of its startup culture.

While often termed as “immigrants” or Olim, I really think it’s something different; I just don’t have a name for it yet.

I can only describe what I am seeing and it’s this:  Israel is becoming a business and lifestyle destination of permanent residency – one made from choice.  

Sure, there are religoius, cultural and spiritual reasons why someone, or a family may live there.

When looking at this video, please note these aren’t 20 somethings starting up from scratch.  

Many are older and with kids and grandchildren.

Some are retired and re-booting their lives, in the startup world –  at an accelerator like The Hive.  Thank you Cynthia Phitoussi for hosting me and thank you Levi Shapiro for the introduction.

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