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Missing: Looking for Loved Ones from the London Underground Blasts

I have just landed at George Bush International Airport from London.  Last night, my son Aaron, became very ill with stomach pains and wound up going to the emergency room at Queen’s Free Hospital in Hamptead

Upon registering him I noticed there were three "Missing" notices at the front desk.  These were three individuals who never made it home that day.  The doctor who attended to Aaron told us that she happened to be in the building next door to one of the bombings and wound up tending to several of the injured. 

En route home, I thought about my junior year abroad when I attended the Antioch Centre for British Studies.  It was the 1973 – 74 school year.  This was the height of the Mods and Rockers movement, the Rolling Stones were going strong with their release of the It’s Only Rock and Roll album, and the Irish Republican Army was conducting random bombings of the Underground system.  I remember in my own way being defiant and not letting the IRA get in my way of having a fantastic year. 

Three weeks ago I was in Israel, where it’s been relatively quiet.  You do see a strong security presence in public spaces, restaurants, and office building.  And in three weeks, my son is starting his Freshman year at the Rothberg School at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he will be arriving right before the process of the witdrawl from the Gaza Strip.  When people ask me about his safety, my standard answer is that he is much safer in Jerusalem than he is in his car on 410 on a Saturday night. 

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