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Mining Chile’s Greatest Natural Resource: It’s Collective Brain Power & Spirit of Startup Culture

After spending one week in Chile, and focused on serving as a mentor during Geek Fantasy Camp in Santiago, most of my time was on the campus of Universidad Catolica.  In between breaks, I walked around the campus to get a sense of the students, the facilities, and infrastructure.

When you take the Metro to the University, you exit to a platform high up and  get a great view of the campus and the Andes Mountains.  In the foreground, you see various buildings, and one in particular, the School of Engineering which in its own right, is a mountain of a different sort.   While largely seen as being a country rich in natural resources, my week spent here gave me a greater understanding for what’s happening here when you mix it up a bit – and as the headline says, mine the collective brain power and spirit of this wonderful country.

Enter Empresas Copec

Driving around Santiago in taxis, you see Copec gas stations everywhere.  I had no clue who Copec was, or the fact that its parent company, Empressas Copec, was until I met Atilio Ziomi, who runs a foundation know as, Fundacion Copec-Universidad Catolica, whose  mission is to foster scientific and technological innovation, focused on the natural resources of Chile.

Beyond the focus that goes into a five day event like Geek Fantasy Camp, it became clear to me that there are people here like Atilio who have their eyes on the long-term, and what can happen when you mix the raw energy and brain power that was clearly present here during my visit.



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