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Microsoft Accelerates Israel’s Startup Ecosystem

The Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure has a very special vibe when you walk off the elevator in building that is right next door to Microsoft Israel’s R&D Center in Herzliya.   Unlike many of the accelerator programs around the world, they take no equity in your startup.  They just want the very best and brightest to come here, build, make and accelerate new ideas that can be turned into innovative startups.

Hanan Lavy, Director, Microsoft Accelerator for Windowz Azure

The four month program is focused on cloud, Internet and mobile startups.  Part of what makes the program unique is the fact that Israel’s geographic concentration of talent brings in high level advisors to help coach and mentor companies.   There’s also a huge talent pool of senior level executives and serial entrepreneurs who come to Israel on related business, who visit and mentor the start up companies.

There’s also a program called Microsoft Academy for Entrepreneurs which is open to the general community, where guest speakers come to share knowledge and insights on a wide variety of technical, programming, business development, marketing, PR, branding, and coding.

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