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Mexico City Starts Up: Video Tour of @MexicanVC

Welcome to Chihuahua 230 in Mexico City, home of a mishmash of co-working, MexicanVC companies, StartupWeekend Mexico and all good things startups.

The former dance studio has been converted into a two story workspace that’s evolving into the home of some very bright and passionate entrepreneurs that are not only committed to building great companies, but setting the tone of new generation of startup culture, social good, and creative expression.

Teaming with 500 Startups

On August 7, 500 Startups announced a “hostile takeover” – (in a very nice and kind way )- that the team from MexicanVC would become part of the growing 500 Startups family.

Fast facts you should know….

  • Mexico is the 12th largest economy in the world.
  • At 3.9%, it’s growing faster than Brazil and, unlike the US, has had a manageable debt for more than a decade.
  • In terms of online penetration, Mexico has the 5th largest Facebook user base and the 7th largest Twitter user base in the world.
  • And Mexico is only the beginning. Spanish-speaking Latin America is a 400M speaker market where e-commerce is growing roughly 30% each year.

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