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Mercom Releases Version 2.0 of Mercom Interaction Quality

Today, our client, Mercom Systems, announced the release of version 2.0 of Mercom Interaction Quality(TM) (MIQ).  This new releases adds many new features including a customizable performance dashborad and quality key performance indicator report for improving coaching and training.

Mercom’s MIQ software is a powerful browser-based call evaluation and quality monitoring system which advances the correlation of quality and productivity metrics in the contact center.

New features in MIQ 2.0 include:

*Quality Key Performance Indicator Report — shows correlations between quality scores for behaviors and an outside metric the user would like  to impact (e.g., revenue, customer complaints, etc.).  These results allow managers to focus on the key performance indicators within their quality data — those that have the tightest correlation to what their company would like to change.  This directly translates into improved coaching and training as well as enhanced return on investment.

*Performance Dashboard — allows users to get a quick graphical overview of quality score trends and key quality indicators in their center.  Organizations can customize their performance dashboard so they can easily view information pertinent to them.

*Error Analysis Reporting — allows users to view and analyze specific areas in which groups or individuals are making errors during calls (e.g., answering questions accurately, using standard required greeting, etc.)

*Enhanced Calibration Function and Reporting — makes comparing multiple evaluators’ scoring to a mean or standard faster and easier. Standard deviations can be tracked against goals in easy-to-read graphical views and drill-down functionality enables root cause discovery when deviation is present.

Breaking coverage includes a story in Commmunications Convergence, TMCNet, and CommWeb.

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