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Meeting Gylon Jackson at Social Media Club of San Antonio

This happens to me time after time after time.

Someone tells me about someone and then I start following that someone for a while.  That person could live where I live or somewhere far away. 

To me it doesn't really matter. 

Virtually, and then in the real world, there's some type of very cool connection that goes on.

This happened tonight at the Social Media Club of San Antonio meet up. 

My buddy, and sometimes client, Tony Berkman of BlogCatalog, told me about Gylon Jackson.   So I start following Gylon on Twitter and hear about his Blog Training Academy.

And then tonight at the Social Media Club event, we meet in person.


Instant connection.

Then, by chance, Glyon's cell phone rings.

It's Tony Berkman.

Gylon tells Tony I am here.

And then I speak to Tony. 

And then suddenly I see the whole connection thing that happens in what we all do.

Next….. Memo to Gylon- let's meet sometime next week and re-connect.

How do you connect?

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