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Maybe It’s Time To Clean Your Digital House?

One of my goals in month of August is to unsubscribe from newsletters, lists and blogs that I have been subscribing to way too long or just find them no longer useful, relevant, or topical any more.  In some cases, it may be that I’ve been subscribing to client-specific news feeds whose engagement are over.  In other cases (and most recently) I am spending more time listening and discovering new – and very smart people on Google+ and much less time on Facebook and Twitter.


Maybe it’s time for a slightly new direction in what you are reading and how you are engaging online.  Photo by me – shot on location in Iceland.

How to Clean Your Digital House

1.  Take stock of what’s relevant and what’s important to you.  

Ask yourself:  “can I live without this content?”  Even if you’re not sure, maybe consider taking a 30 day digital holiday from content you might find elsewhere, from a newer and fresher voice.

2.  Ask Yourself:  Are the LinkedIn groups I belong to still relavent?

It’s ok to stay a member, but maybe you don’t need the daily feed.  As much as I value LinkedIn, I am finding more and more spammed or self-serving content, or content that overstates the obvious.  Raise your personal bar on what you are readig and the time you spend reading and engaging on sites like LinkedIn.

3.  Has your role in the company or organization you work with / for changed?  

Maybe you’re at a new company, or in a different role.  If so, maybe its time for a change in your digital content consumption strategy.

4.  Can you scale back or re-prioritize your online engagement?

I’m scaling back (way back) on Facebook and Twitter.  Sure, I am still checking it, and once in a while posting something, but for me, I’m focusing my time on Google+.

5  What would you do with even the few minutes per day you will save by scaling back your online reading?

It’s not the one or two minutes here, and there in your day.  It’s the minutes that add up and turn into hours.  Scale back on hour a day on reading.  What would you do if you could add one more hour a day to your day- remember that’s like adding one full day per week.

How about you?  Time to clean house?  The cobwebs – and refresh?

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