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MaxxPlayer Advances PC Audio

Waves announced today that its new MaxxPlayer,
a plug-in for Microsoft’s Windows Media Player, is available and is rapidly
being accepted by influential computer reviewers and bloggers as a major
advancement in PC audio.  You can get a
7-day trial of MaxxPlayer at

Waves is a long standing client, and  the world’s leading provider of signal processing
software to audio professionals in the film, music, and gaming industries. MaxxPlayer utilizes many of Waves
award-winning professional audio technologies, enabling louder volume levels
without distortion, improving clarity in noisy environments, smoothing volume
changes from different content, improving bass/treble frequency response, and
widening stereo image.

"I hate 99.99% of DSP plug-ins that I have seen for Windows
Media Player," wrote Chris Lanier on his digital media Blog at  "In my
honest opinion they do not do what they advertise and they make any audio that
you play, no matter the source, sound much worse. MaxxPlayer was a completely different experience and
produces better sounding audio to my ears. I listened to a few tracks in completely different genres to
see what they sounded like with MaxxPlayer on every single one of the tracks
had a richer sound and much better bass response. I would highly suggest checking it out."

Initially, we have sought out comments like these from bloggers who cover the Windows Media space.  There are more bloggers and mainstream journalists that we are continuing to reach out to that we expect positive coverage like this.

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