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MaxxAudio Delivers Bigger Better Sound in Windows Vista – Waves psychoacoustic technologies vastly improve acoustic performance in notebook PCs

Our client, Waves,  has announced that it is delivering its MaxxAudio PC solution for evaluation and licensing to major PC manufacturers. You may download the press release here:

Download waves_delivers_bigger_sound_in_vistafinal.doc

Working in conjunction with the timing of the Windows Vista launch, we were also included in Microsoft’s Partner Press Center, which provided the Waves announcement.

MaxxAudio is a suite of psychoacoustic technologies that enable small loudspeakers, such as those found in notebook PCs, to sound dramatically larger, deeper and more powerful.  MaxxAudio PC is a solution for these technologies that utilize the improved audio capability in Windows Vista to support audio plug-ins.

Waves MaxxAudio PC solution provides a comprehensive APO solution for small speaker compensation using it patented psyschoacoustic algorithms.  It includes several patented technologies for dynamics, frequency response and imaging.  Waves’ new MaxxAudio technologies enable both improved audio quality and smaller speakers enabling innovative industrial designs. 

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