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Marketing Edge Interview with Jeffrey Hayzlett – CMO of Kodak and Sponsor of #140Conf

This is a great interview with Kodak’s CMO, Jeffrey Hayzlett which took place at the first #140Conf in New York. Kodak is the sponsor of the LA and London venues. Also watch for news on the Tel Aviv event coming soon!

Playtime is 9:30, so listen while you work or chill out.  Lots there to hear and learn from.

Oh yeah… another great Kodak person to follow on twitter is Tina Clark

Time 9:30

Taking pictures on film has sure changed. Good thing Kodak is in the capturing memories and sharing in them business. You would be hard pressed to find an industry that has been impacted more than photography business. This disruption would set the average marketer on their heals. Not Jeffery Hayzlett, CMO and Vice President of Kodak, he has Kodak giving social media a big bear hug, dozens, maybe hundreds of Kodak employees are participating in social media, here is a short list thanks to Tweepz.

Hayzlett has what he calls the 4 Es of social media,

Engaging – Simply put you have to be an active participant, standing on the sidelines doesn’t get you much.

Educating – This would be mutually beneficial; it’s the exchange of information that creates the learning. You’ll hear in this Marketing Edge interview with Hayzlett, he listens really well.

Exciting – Just listen to the guy, life is a blast, share it.

Evangelizing – When you are passionate about something it’s difficult not to be an evangelist. When you get the kind of feedback that Kodak social participants have received, it’s easy to be an evangelist for the medium and for your own efforts.

Hayzlett is not a proponent of any certain tool, but certainly an advocate of a medium that engages him and Kodak with customers. That I believe is his most important driver in social media, he says anything that allows you to talk with customers is good.




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