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Managing Expectations

One of the greatest challenges I continue to find in working with clients is managing expectations.   I have a responsibility to set certain expectations for the time it takes, the heavy lifting involved in the thinking through and execution of our campaigns, and the actual execution.

While you may have a compelling and interesting story, the fact remains that journalists, bloggers and analysts remain swamped and overloaded with story ideas. 

You may have a great story, but the timing may be off.   

You could be announcing a major deal, but unless there is a hard number attached to it, it’s yet another announcement.

I find that consistency, a current message, and a story idea that fits or creates a broader trend makes for a more interesting story and certainly increases your chances of coverage.

And don’t forget that you are not only pitching to the broader media at large.  You are also pitching your other publics- your employees, stockholders, investors, competitors, suppliers, partners and of course, your customers.

They, like the media are also connected to wire services and clipping services that enable them to track news that is broadcast directly to them.  Sure, the media is important, but when we develop our PR strategies, we also consider all of our publics as part of the execution.

Managing your expectations keeps you grounded, gives you a better appreciation for the work that the receiving end has to do in order to do their job, and keeps your eye on the long term. 

Photo shot on location at the Getty Villa, by Alan Weinkrantz (c) 2007

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