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Look Ma, No Computer for 2 Days

This is sort of a forced experiment. Today I am en route to Atlanta and I had to leave my MacBook Pro in for a screen replacement repair at the Apple Store.

I’m traveling light – with my iPad and iPhone in hand. Even on a recent trip to New York, I took my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro with me, leaving the computer in my hotel room.

But this trip is different and I’m on forced experiment to see how I’ll get by and adjust. I’m writing this post in the Continental airport lounge in Houston waiting for my connecting flight and looking around the room room I see tons of people on their notebooks, but not an iPad in sight – or in active use.

I feel sort of liberated without my computer and in some ways constrained. My typing is getting better on the iPad virtual keyboard, but it’s not the same as having the real deal. If I need to edit a word document, I’m sort of screwed even though I can use Apple’s Pages word processor. I do love not having to worry or even think about batter life. I’ve got plenty of juice to last me for whole day and I plan to watch an episode of “Mad Men” that i got from the Apple iTunes store.

I’m also sensing being less stressed out. Two days without a “real computer” forces me to being brief and more efficient. I also brought two books with me – yes the old fashioned paper kind that I am reviewing.

I guess the best part of this experiment was that last night upon sharing my plight of not having my computer for two days, my 18 year old daughter offered me her Mac for the trip. Yes, Lauren would give up Facebook and her music so her Dad could do likewise while on the road. I was touched by this kind gesture, but decided to go at it with only my iPad and iPhone alone — an unexpected delight in not knowing what’s to come when one is called upon to improvise.

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