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London – The Day After the Bombings

Our London trip continues with this now being the day after the tube and bus bombings. Buses and tubes were running with the only exception being the stations that were affected in the blasts.  You see people going about tDsc_6340heir daily lives.  The headlines in the daily newspapers focus on the missing, the dead, and the on-going investigation to figure who pulled this off.  While the tubes seemed less crowded for a Friday morning, upon arriving to Oxford Street, it was swarming with Londoners and tourists alike.

As the day progressed, I looked for telling signs of normalcy.  Being a tourist myself, I did see the tour buses like thDsc_6632e one here.  The only really different thing I did see during the day was a  marked increase in security at the tubes, bus stops and major tourist attractions.  When I  returned to the hotel Friday evening I was pleased to see that the terrorists underestimated one thing:  the resiliance of the the stock market amidst bad news.  The day after this horrible event, the Dow shot up 148 points.

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