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Let’s be friends on Foursquare


Thanks to my buddy, Nan Palmero, I’m hooked on Foursquare – you can find me here, so we can connect..

This is more than just a game. At first glance and only having been using it for only 4 days, it’s a terrific way for a retail store-front operations such as a bank, a coffee shop, the dry cleaners, or grocery store to connect with its fans.

I say fans, rather than customers, because as someone who frequents Central Market, Broadway National Bank, and Starbucks, and Redbone Guitar Boutique, I’m proud to share great finds – and great service with my friends.

Yesterday I had breakfast at Cafe Salsita and once I checked in on Foursquare, up pops a recommendation from another friend who’d already been there.

While running a couple of errands, I saw that that Sean Wood just had lunch as Zuchi Sushi.  It reminded me to go back there for a sushi fix soon. 

I’m just starting to get Foursquare. I find the more I try different social networks, a few strike a chord. Foursquare is one of those indeed.

Highly Recommended

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