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@KLRN @PBS Shout out for @PaulMcCartney White House In Performance – Interview with @katrinakehoe

Tonight’s PBS is broadcasting the “In Performance At The White House,” featuring Paul McCartney and his amazing band. It will be broadcast on PBS affiliates around the U.S. and in my own local market where I live in San Antonio on KLRN.

Last month, I was able to take part in KLRN’s Blazing Gavels Auction by playing the role of being a social broadcaster, where members of the social media community could help raise local and national awareness for a wonderful station like PBS.

As KLRN’s Director of Public Relations, Katrina Kehoe, points out, KRLN brings wonderful national programming and keeps things very local as well. And with music, the arts, and culture being very much a part of our local cultural, the social web is giving local viewers a voice and a way to take part in and support KLRN.

Two of McCartney’s band members, Brian Ray and Rusty Anderson, have given guitar clinics at Richard Turner’s Redbone Guitar Boutique, which is in itself is a becoming a cultural mecca for guitar players and musicians from around the world who visit and shop in our city. Richard also has the longest lasting Beatles only radio show on San Antonio College Radio Station, KSYM – 90.1. Next year, Richard will celebrate being with his show for 25 years. And this week, McCartney band member, Brian Ray, just did a pre-release of an awesome album, “This Way Up,” which I’ve been rocking out on since Monday.

Thank you KLRN; you Katrina; and thank you Richard for providing our community with all you do. And thank you Sir Paul for enriching our lives with the wonderful music and you’ve brought us through the Beatles, your solo work and your current band.

Tune in. Turn it up really loud.

Watch it tonight – 8:00 PM (rebroadcast again at 9:30 PM) CST. Check your local listings in your PBS affiliate market.

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